Green Tourism and Sustainability

We are committed to providing excellent standards and top quality service, whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities.

By encouraging sustainable practices we can ensure the continued enjoyment of the environment of the United Kingdom for future generations.

Although we are no longer members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme (we were Gold Award members 2008-2013) we remain committed to sustainable practices so that we can ensure the continued enjoyment of our environment for future generations by:-

  • Adhering to good environmental practice in all our activities
  • Ensuring that our business at least meets the minimum requirements set by environmental law and that we are fulfil our legal Duty of Care requirements for waste disposal
  • Achieve sustainable environmental improvement
  • Continuously reduce polluting activities

When you book a stay with us, we will send you – by email – lots of information on enjoying an eco-friendly stay with us. Full details of our Environmental Policies are available to all guests staying with us including how we may best work together to achieve these goals. These include:

  • Compulsory – compliance with environmental legislation and a commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  • Management – demonstrates good environmental management including staff awareness; specialist training; monitoring and record keeping.
  • Communication of environmental actions to customers i.e. green policy; email & website; education, community and social projects.
  • Energy – efficiency of lighting, heating and appliances; insulation and energy use.
  • Water efficiency i.e. good maintenance; low-consumption appliances; rainwater harvesting etc.
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly goods and services i.e. products made from recycled materials; use and promotion of local food and drink; use of FSC wood products etc.
  • Waste minimisation by encouraging, the “eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle” principle i.e. glass, paper, card, plastic and metal recycling; composting.
  • Transport – aims to minimise visitors car use by promoting local and national public transport services; cycle hire info; local walking and cycling options.
  • Wildlife – on site measures aimed at increasing biodiversity i.e. wildlife gardening; native species; nesting boxes, as well as providing information for visitors on the wildlife on and around the site.