Our Terms and Conditions. We have tried to make things as straightforward as possible. By making a booking request, you are indicating that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions

1. Contract 

1.1. When you submit a booking request you should receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provided on the booking form. Your booking is provisional at this stage and does not form a contract between us, nor does a verbal indication of current availability arising from a telephone call, email or letter.  A confirmed booking and contract shall only arise when your booking is confirmed by us by email with the words “Booking Confirmation”.  In case you have made a mistake, you may cancel or amend your booking request, the same day, without charge

1.2  For the avoidance of doubt, a Periodic or Assured Shorthold Tenancy will not be created when staying with us

2. Prices, Bookings and Payment

2.1  Our prices are usually quoted based on 4 weeks (28 nights) and exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). The rate of VAT (if any) will be added as set by HM Government at the tax point and may vary depending on invoice date and the length of your stay. There will be a minimum length of stay (or payment in lieu).  Prices (other than VAT) are normally fixed for at least the initial 12 weeks of a longer stay, but may be reviewed after that. We will always give 28 days notice of any change (up or down).

2.2. Payment by bank transfer for your stay, or the first four weeks (28 nights) is needed to secure your booking. This is normally non-refundable once your booking has been confirmed. Unless this payment is received within 24 hours (unless otherwise agreed), we reserve the right to cancel your booking request.

2.3  Payment for subsequent periods of 28 nights (or part thereof) will be invoiced and need to be made by bank transfer in advance of the period in question, on a rolling basis. We do not issue payment reminders and reserve the right to add a late payment surcharge should payment(s) not be received by the due date. Non-payment for any period, unless queried before the due payment date may be regarded as a cancellation/ curtailment. We would try to contact you before taking any action in order to ascertain your intentions. However, should we not get an immediate response and payment, we may treat this as a cancellation/ curtailment by you.

2.4 Payment for any additional services provided must be made before departure, including non-settlement by any member of your party

2.5 We do not generally allow multiple property bookings (different properties booked by the same person for similar dates). No attempt should be made to make such a booking without our advance agreement

3 Cancellation, Postponement, Curtailment or request to extend your stay 

3.1 Any cancellation, postponement or curtailment request, for whatever reason, must be advised to us by phone, text or email immediately. For your security, we need details to be confirmed by you by email, or letter. We understand that circumstances can change and will always try to be understanding. However, we are a small business and cannot accept unlet/unpaid accommodation, for stays that have been confirmed

3.2 Before arrival – your first 28 nights payment will generally be forfeited. Should you request a postponement (rather than an outright cancellation) 28 or more days before arrival, we will do our best to agree alternative arrangements for your stay and may be able to transfer monies paid to the new stay.  However, we reserve the right to treat such a postponement as a cancellation, if it proves impractical (in our opinion) to accommodate a postponement. Should a cancellation or postponement be advised less than 28 days before arrival, the full amount for our accommodation for the first 28 nights will be payable (whether already paid or not)

3.3 After arrival – full payment for the contracted minimum period will be payable. If we are able to relet any part of your stay not taken, we will refund to you the amount we were able to re-let.  For longer stays, four weeks (28 days, not including today) notice of termination/ curtailment or payment in lieu of notice, must be given, unless otherwise agreed by us

3.4 A request to extend your stay, subject to availability, needs to be made at least 28 days before your current scheduled departure date, as we will be actively advertising your accommodation to others. If we have not received (and agreed) such a request, it may not be possible to stay with us after your current scheduled departure date

4. Cancellation, Postponement or Curtailment by us

4.1 We hope to never have to do this, but we reserve the right to cancel, postpone or curtail your booking, if:-

– part, or all, of Westwood Lodge becomes unavailable, because of events outside our control (including force majeure or a pandemic lockdown directive), or because Westwood Lodge is ceasing to operate as FHL accommodation
– you have become insolvent or the subject of a bankruptcy petition
– your booking might, or is, in our opinion, damaging to our reputation

4.2. In such a situation, payment for any services already provided (in part or whole) would become payable immediately. Advance payments for services not yet provided, would be refunded in full, but we would have no further liability

5. Use of Westwood Lodge Ilkley Moor

5.1. You stay is a “licence to occupy” the booked accommodation. This is a legal term that means we, or our representatives, have the right to access the premises during the period of the booking (although we don’t ever expect to, other than with your agreement or in an emergency). The licence applies between the dates of your booked stay. Should you overstay without our advance agreement, we reserve the right to re-take the property and charge for the period of extra occupation as well as any costs incurred by a subsequent booker needing to be re-accommodated elsewhere.

5.2. We must comply with fire and safety regulations and the law.  You agree that the number of persons staying overnight (midnight to 7am) will not exceed that stated on your Booking Confirmation.  You agree to be responsible for any day visitors (7am to midnight) you invite and that they will not exceed SIX at any one time without our prior agreement.  “Day dogs” are not permitted.  We reserve the right to completely refuse occupancy if this clause is not observed.

5.3.  You agree to take reasonable and proper care of your accommodation and contents and other areas of Westwood Lodge. This includes keys, furniture, windows, pictures, fittings and effects. You agree to leave everything in the location, state of repair and condition that it was at the commencement of your stay. Any breakage, loss or damage must be advised to us immediately and you agree to reimburse us for replacement or repair, on request

5.4.  Preparation of your accommodation (except bedding) is included. It must be left in a reasonable (in our opinion) condition on departure. You agree to pay for any exceptional cleaning work that is needed to restore the accommodation after you depart

5.5  Utilities (gas, electric and water) are not included in the rental price and will be invoiced at cost. We will ask you to take a screenshot of meters on arrival and departure and send them to us. If you don’t do so, you agree to paying based on meter readings taken by us as soon after you arrive/ depart as practical

5.6 We ask you to maintain a minimum heat of 14/15 degrees in your accommodation, even if you are out during the day or have gone away for a few days. This is to preserve the fabric of our Victorian buildings

5.7. If you wish to bring in an electrical item over 2 Kilowatts in power, or other items of heavy equipment, you will need our agreement. Gas powered items and equipment involving heated oils (such as deep fat fryers) are not permitted indoors

5.8 The only permitted naked flames indoors are our open fires/ wood burning stoves and safety candles/ tealights

5.9 Nothing dangerous can be brought in. If something of this nature comes in, it must be taken off the premises promptly and permanently

5.10 We take pride in being a smoke-free location. Should we find evidence of smoking indoors (including in doorways, near entrance doors or leaning out of windows), the stay of your party will be regarded as bringing our reputation into disrepute and treated accordingly. In addition, a charge would be made to cover cleaning and staffing costs to try to restore the accommodation for our next guests

5.11  We hope to never have to do this but, in the event of a serious material breach of these Terms and Conditions, in particular, damage or loss to our property, smoking of any kind, noise during the quiet hours (midnight to 7am), complaints from others or lost security keys, you agree that you may be charged, to rectify matters.

6. Vehicles

6.1. Reserved parking is offered, for at least one licensed and taxed vehicle per unit.  Additional unreserved parking is available.  Large vehicles such as sports utility vehicles, vans, lorries, motor homes, trailers, campervans, caravans etc. are not permitted on the premises.  There is ample on-street parking (well-lit) just outside our gates on Westwood Drive

6.2. Vehicles may only be parked in the designated places and not on the lawns or in such a way as to cause a blockage. Visitors and large/extra vehicles will need to park on Westwood Drive, where there are no parking restrictions

6.3. No work is to take place on vehicles, other than of a minor nature, without our agreement.

7. Pets

7.1. Whilst we appreciate that your pet is an integral part of your family (we have pets too!), previous experience has resulted in the need for a few rules and restrictions.

7.2. A well-behaved dog is allowed in our cottages, by advance agreement and payment. Dogs are not allowed in our apartments. (except working dogs). No other pets are permitted without our advance agreement.

7.3. Dogs must be properly supervised . When in our grounds, dogs must be kept on a leash and must not be allowed to foul anywhere within the boundaries of Westwood Lodge. Accidental fouling must be removed immediately by you

7.5. Dogs are not allowed upstairs in cottages or on any furniture.

7.6. You must provide a dog basket or cage for your dog(s) to sleep in.

8. Health and Safety

8.1. Your safety and well-being is of our utmost concern. We have fire and other safety policies in place. You agree to make yourself and members of your party familiar with these and to comply with them during your stay with us. Care must be taken by all guests. In particular, parents must ensure that children are properly supervised at all times.

9. Liability

9.1. We accept no responsibility for your personal possessions, wherever they are situated. You must ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover possible loss, damage or theft. We also recommend that you have cancellation insurance in case you need to cancel, postpone or curtail your stay with us

10. General

10.1. We will do everything reasonable to make your stay an enjoyable one. Any problem should be brought to our attention as soon as possible. We will do our best to rectify things. In the event of a complaint, you would put details in writing to enable us to respond within 7 days. You agree not to withhold payments to us, other than those specifically concerned with an outstanding complaint

10.2. Whilst we aim to portray an accurate picture, older marketing material will still show things from pre-pandemic days.  Shared facilities such as the animal corner, trampoline and leisure area are closed. We’ve cleared a lot of “clutter” (books, videos, games, ornaments etc.) from accommodation and also no longer offer holiday extras such as a set tea tray, cake, wine and mid-stay housekeeping services

10.3. You confirm that you are not acting on behalf of someone else or some other organisation, not already advised to us

Tim Edwards and Paula Hunt, trading as Westwood Lodge Ilkley Moor
1st February 2023