All stays are for a minimum 12 weeks booked up to a month or so in advance.  Click here to see our current and forthcoming availability.

What’s included in a Longer Let?

Stays are not tenancies but classed as self-catering serviced cottages and apartments. The prices quoted will be per 4 weeks (28 nights), based on a minimum 12 week stay. VAT is payable (currently 20%) on the first 28 nights and then a reduced rate of 4% (20% of 20%). Bring your own bedding, towels and tea towels. Your apartment or cottage will normally include:-

  • Full central heating/thermostatic heating, electric, gas and water – metered and charged at cost
  • Freesat TV/ high-speed wi-fi
  • Washing machine/dryer in your accommodation
  • All pots/pans, plates, glases, utensils etc
  • Reserved off street parking

All cottages and apartments have Bluetooth stereo speaker, Freesat television (175 TV and radio channels, plus BBC iPlayer and Netflix compatibility), free SuperHub wi-fi (typically 350Mb) as well as at least one Freeview bedroom TV. All apartment bedrooms have a TV.

Every cottage and apartment has a dishwasher and a fridge or fridge/freezer. The cooking facilities include a ceramic hob, fan oven, microwave and toaster. There are showers in each bathroom as well as baths in each cottage.

Each cottage and apartment has its own washing machine/ dryer, ironing board and iron.

We have garden furniture and barbecue stands for your use.

Please note that we are completely No Smoking.

Price does not include cleaning.  If your accommodation is left in a poor condition on departure, we reserve the right to levy a charge.

If you’ve stayed with us in the past on a holiday stay, you will notice a few changes. Shared facilities (which may still be shown in old marketing material) such as the animal corner, trampoline and gym) are closed. We’ve cleared a lot of “clutter” (books, videos, games, ornaments etc.). We realised that people staying on longer lets tend to bring a lot more of their own “stuff” than when on holiday. We’ve also stopped holiday extras such as a set tea tray, cake, wine and mid-stay housekeeping services.  On the positive side, our Longer Lets are about quarter of a  holiday stay!


We recognise that you may have a dog (we do – Ronnie, our cocker spaniel!). However, nearly every cottage problem we’ve ever had has involved a dog. We’ve tried to reach a compromise.

One well behaved dog is welcome (for a small charge) in The Old Gallery, Coach House Cottage, Applebarn Cottage and Orchard Cottage. Only registered assistance dogs are allowed in the apartments. This is particularly due to the stairs and opening windows as well as allowing allergy sufferers suitable accommodation.

We know that your dog will enjoy him/herself here as the area is dog friendly; with open access land, footpaths, bridleways and dog-friendly pubs. There are great walks straight from Westwood Lodge out onto Ilkley Moor, across to Hebers Ghyll and down the footpath into the woods of The Rhyddings and into Ilkley town where you can cross into Nidderdale or join The Dalesway long-distance footpath.

What we need from you
To enable us to continue to welcome dogs, you will need to agree our standard Terms & Conditions. Please particularly read the section on dogs before booking. The key rules are: –

  • Dogs are not allowed in bedrooms or on the furniture
    Sadly we’ve had dogs allowed to spend the night on the bed and walking on the cream bedroom carpets with muddy paws.
  • You must bring a dog bed/cage
    It is always a great relief to us when guests bring those handy travel cages with them, their pets seem to settle down much better and nobody has to worry about a sneaky sleepover on the sofa after you’ve gone to bed. Dog cages give a feeling of security to them when sleeping in a strange place – prices range from only £25.
  • Dogs must not be left loose alone
    If you leave your dog alone in your cottage whilst you go to work or down to the pub, it may howl and fret – even if he/she is used to be left at home. We’ve had paintwork, carpets, doors and skirting boards damaged – “I can’t believe it” being the usual response of owners. This is all unfair to other guests and our neighbours as well as making it impossible for us to quickly rectify things when you leave us. So please take your pet with you when you go out.
  • The gardens are not toilets!
    Each cottage has a small enclosed garden, primarily intended for children to play, so it is essential that pee-ing stations are not established in these gardens. As pee scorches – especially with female dogs – it can kill the grass. Please do not allow your dog to use the gardens as a toilet. In an emergency or an accident, please promptly remove any poo using poo-bags.
  • Your dog must be on a lead
    We would just love to let your pet run around unhindered but this is just not possible. We have pet hens, wildlife (grouse, sheep, badgers and deer) as well as children playing – they may dislike or fear dogs. Your dog must be kept on a lead when on the premises at Westwood Lodge.

If you find this all too much, we regret that you need to look elsewhere. If you’re a responsible dog owner, then please stay!